I’m back baby!

Hello! Its been so long since i have written here, life i guess just gets in the way!

We are back home in England though have relocated to the lovely little town of Brackley, where Wide eyed daddy works. its nice to be all close together as a family!

Speaking of family the little dudes are now not so little! Big dude is now finishing his first year of school and the little dude is starting preschool in September! Where have my babies gone?

Now my dudes are bigger i have gone back to working part time, after an extremely long few months working on a checkout (seriously checkout staff are the most under appreciated people! Please i beg you smile and be friendly to them it costs nothing and will make their day ❤ ) i found a lovely job at a small local company that makes PVC rainwear! They make some stunning designs using traditional machines and methods, i will definitely be blogging more about them very soon! Here are a few piccys of some of the things we make-


ra74.1 ra75.1 ra69.1

Would be ace if you could check us out on facebook and say hi 🙂 or pop and have a nosey at the website, we are in the process of redesigning it so please bare with us 🙂

I have also set up a little online yarn shop (cant say i have a quiet life anymore lol) i put together colour packs to help inspire people, you can find me here- Ewetopia Yarns these are just some of the packs i have put together so far-

10446588_834608929957021_635204847708804353_n 10995278_820644428020138_5304799797856954921_n 11265460_823229287761652_5079787100295376817_n 11351326_832276526856928_5199992013228251157_n

I am still crafting away, my latest passion is Tunisian crochet, i got hooked after spotting some patterns by the amazing
Aoibhe Ni! Check her out and see if you get inspired too!

I have also been subscribing to the doodlestop skills box, for those of you that don’t know doodlestop you have to go look at her site (she is on facebook and has a website too) she makes stunning crafting tools and puts together kits to learn new crafts, its great fun and very addictive (i have been learning to do broomstick crochet, hairpin lace and spinning fibre!)

Well thats it from me for now 🙂 hopefully catch up with you all soon!

Ciao for now