New Crochet Ballerina Pattern!

Well i have been a busy beaver this week 🙂

In an effort to be gentle on my hands this weekend i decided to play around with designing again! It’s been a while (over a year!) since my first attempt but it was like riding a bike and i soon got back into the swing of things!

I have been wanting to do a more girlie pattern for a while as i tend to look over girlie things with the two wide eyed dudes about lol!

So i sketched out a wee dolly, i was undecided at first as to whether she was going to be a ballerina or a fairy but as the design evolved a ballerina appeared!

And here she is-


Don’t you think she’s pretty? ❤ She is available for download from Ravelry and Etsy 🙂

The pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner, some bits are a little fiddley but i am always here to help 🙂

I would love to see piccys if anyone decides to make her 🙂 

i think she would look lovely as a fairy too, you could easily make some wings and attach them. How cute would these wings by Nero Post and Patch look?

Thats it from me today 🙂 We have a busy day ahead as we have family coming to visit 🙂 off to the airport soon and the boys have no idea! 

Ciao for now!