A big update!


Sorry i have been neglecting the blog, had a few big changes here… Firstly we are back in the UK! Italy just wasn’t working for us so we made the decision to come back 🙂 We are also in the middle of selling our house so are very kindly being allowed to stay with family whilst the sale goes through (as the house was empty after we moved to Italy). So lots of upheaval in our world lol!

The journey back was very eventful the road we were on was shut so we ended up driving up into the Swiss mountains and taking the LONG way round lol 

We stopped for lunch and the boys loved watching the snow out the window! it was very surreal to have driven from 19+ degrees heat to 3ft of snow!



My other piece of big news…. the mad mad me inspired Bavarian blanket is finished! It feels like an epic challenge has come to an end lol! I wanted to get it finished before we came home and even sat finishing the edging in the car on the drive home!


Here it is-


Its massively squishy and sooooo warm, perfect for snuggling under 🙂 I am thinking of writing up a pattern for it but i think i need more hours in the day first!

Another piece of big news was the arrival of my sisters baby! It turns out we have a new nephew! He is just scrummy and we are all very much in love with him 🙂 We managed to add a few more handmade gifts to the pile before we met him including my first go at a crocheted jumper which is adapted from this lovely pattern from Stephanie Mason-


Also the wonderfully talented Natasha from Bubble Boo drew this amazing picture for me and i wrote a poem which she added to the outside. I thought this would be a nice keepsake for the nursery


this is the wee poem i wrote-

Watch me as i grow mum

Oh so big and tall

for soon i’ll get so big

 it’ll seem i dont need you at all.

But i’ll always be your baby 

no matter how big it is i grow

so cuddle me close, have fun & play 

And we’ll hope that time goes slow
What do you think? I am pretty pleased with it 🙂 
Ooooh and i have also finally gotten round to starting a Facebook page to work alongside my blog 🙂 you can find me here would be lovely if you could pop by and say hello! 
So thats all for the updates for now 🙂 I hope to post again soon and not leave it so long lol!
Ciao for now

Bavarian update and a bit about me.

Well hello!

Bit of a gap between my posts sorry about that, the littlest dude is having a growth spurt and making sure we all know about it! 😉 plus my carpal tunnel is seriously playing up making even typing hard so i’ve been resting up a bit 🙂

So whats new in My Wide Eyed World? Well i have been forward planning a couple of new projects including this, isn’t it stunning? Unfortunately i can’t get the yarn requested in the pattern but after having a chat with the lovely Truly Hooked i have ordered some lovely custom died yarn to make it with! And rather than go with the crowd i have decided to go for some sea colour tones ❤ so watch this space for updates!

I have also been beavering away at the Mad Mad Me inspired Bavarian Rainbow blanket. Here is a little progress piccy for you-


It’s getting quite enormous now and lovely and snuggly, can really picture snuggling up under it in the winter when its done!

Another reason i have been pushing to get this finished (apart from the fact that my WIP pile seems to be ever increasing!) is that i won some gorgeous Rainbow yarn from the lovely Cuddlebums! She makes some stunning yarns and i am thrilled to have one winging its way to me!

Here is the beautiful skein i won! Can’t believe this beauty is mine 🙂


I have decided i am going to use it to edge the Bavarian blanket, i had been thinking of edging it in white but this will look much better 🙂 a proper rainbowy way to end such a huge rainbowy project lol.

I have also been working on my own patterns i actually have one written here (its also available on Ravelry for those who aren’t fans of Etsy) which i made last year 🙂


i have been working on a sister for my elf, a little ballerina or fairy (i can’t decide yet) and also some topsy turvy dolls. A recent post on facebook made me feel so nostalgic i couldn’t resist having a go making up a pattern! so again please watch this space for updates 🙂

So i promised an Edgit review… i have to say so far its not going well 😦 i am massively disappointed with it, it didnt work at all for the project i had in mind when i brought it so at the moment it is sitting on my desk gathering dust. I am going to give it a second try and see what happens but i am really not feeling the love with it right now 😦

My big dude has started showing an interest in crochet and after turning my back on him for a few minutes i came back to find him doing this-


He had pulled out a ball of yarn, popped it in the yarn bowl, grabbed a hook and started crocheting! “It’s a teddy for me” I was told when i asked what he was doing bless him! ❤

This week i thought i should share a picture of me… here you go-


Hahaha i said a piccy not a photo :p this awesome drawing was done by the amazingly talented Eric from Red Ink Saga who is the brother of a lovely friend who runs Sugar-Coated Chaos. i seriously recommend you check these guys out 🙂 they are both lovely, mega talented people! Sugar-Coated Chaos has some amazing geek inspire designs. I especially love the tardis and chewbaccas! Piccy

Eric also drew this picture of my crocheting ninja alter ego-


Isn’t it ace? 😀 Please pop over and show them some love (and say i sent you 😉 )

And on that note i will leave you for today!

Ciao for now!


New baby gifts and an attempt at designing!

Hello! Sorry for the long gap between posts, I am such a newbie to the world of blogging i worry i am waffling to much and can never decide what to write about next lol!

This week i have been scratching my brain trying to decide what to make for my sisters baby who is due in October. I am very excited to be an auntie again and since having the big wide eyed boy was what inspired me to get crafting i always like to make an effort to make something for the new arrival.

She doesn’t know what she is having so i’ve been having a fun time trying to keep things gender neutral though i admit i love the surprise and all the fun of trying to guess the gender (though i’m sure she is fed up of it by now lol)

I made her this little pram blanket as she is mad on giraffes 🙂 its my own design inspired by a picture i had seen online. I appliquéd the giraffes on and backed it with a giraffe print plush.


I was chuffed with how it turned out 🙂

However in the last few weeks i have been itching to make something else… I am slightly more limited out here as my trusty sewing machine is still back in the UK and i only have a small amount of yarn with me (well small in terms of the overall size of my stash! *shhh don’t tell wide eyed daddy*)

So it has to be crochet… i found a couple of really lovely patterns online.

Firstly this super cute giraffe toy by I Love Buttons by Emma- http://ilovebuttonsbyemma.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/crochet-giraffe-pattern.html The only trouble is i have no toy stuffing :/ hmmm anyone know a good craft store in italy? 😉

Also saw this crochet stacker toy which is just adorable by Handmade by Kitty- https://www.etsy.com/listing/155486038/kirin-giraffe-jungle-stacker-amigurumi?ref=shop_home_active Its like three gifts in one- a stacking toy, a cuddly toy and a teething toy! And although i know its not technically giraffe related i adore these cute dolls also by handmade by kitty- https://www.etsy.com/listing/154782017/dress-up-fluffy-kitty-rabbit-bear-doll?ref=shop_home_active i’m seriously tempted to buy both patterns even with my lack of toy stuffing lol!

This is another adorable giraffe by ZiezoDutchDesign- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gigi-giraf

Moving away from Giraffes i also loved these patterns too-

This is from a non english blog (i think its called Knitted style- apologies if i have that wrong!) http://pinterest.com/pin/389913280209072370/ this little guy is just adorable!

Then what kid doesn’t want a minion??? http://wolfdreamer-oth.blogspot.com.au/2010/07/despicable-minion.html This pattern by Wolf Dreamer if fab and free too!

I also love this pattern by Heidi Bears, the pattern and colours are just stunning! There is a bear version too which i just adore!- http://pinterest.com/pin/389913280208716490/ i wish i could find a giraffe version!

Has anyone seen any other nice patterns? I would love you to share them with me! As you can see my Pinterest board is rather mega lol, one day i WILL make them all… At least thats how i justify my yarn stash to WID 😉

This week i also tried my hand at designing. I saw the most beautiful yarn at Devon Sun yarns, she makes some stunning yarns! I don’t own any YET but i will 😉 this one in particular i could just see as a field of flowers- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=655768397772137&set=pb.634714169877560.-2207520000.1375431693.&type=3&theater So i decided to have a go at writing my own pattern 🙂

this is what i have so far (please excuse the picture, i was using some very bright yarn for my trials which proved very difficult to photograph!


What do you think? It’s a work in progress but i’m quite pleased.

Well thats it from me for now 🙂 look forward to chatting soon.

Ciao for now!


Owl Obsession Crochet Blanket

Hi! Well i can’t believe just how quick this blanket worked up, i have finished! Was lovely to sit and work the motifs and dip in and out of when I felt up to it.

The pattern is by Marken of the Hat & I and can be found here- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-obsession It is a truly lovely pattern, very unusual but a real pleasure to crochet. I would say its a pattern suitable for intermediate crocheters as bits of it are a bit tricky, there are lots of lovely pictures which really help if your a bit stuck but i say its a tad beyond a beginner unless you are extremely determined!

The only think i did differently from the pattern was not continually fastening off my yarn and starting again for the partial octagons, i did a couple like this but i hate sewing in ends and this method gives you a lot of extra bits to sew in! So i just flipped the work over and followed the instructions for the next row but did them in the front loops rather than the back loops, it gives the same affect but less work for me!

I used one ball of Ice variegated rainbow yarn for the coloured section and two balls of style craft special DK for the white. Both really nice acrylic yarns (i’m slowly over coming my aversion to using acrylic) The colour changes in the Ice yarn aren’t as bright as the chroma recommended in the pattern but i couldn’t really afford to splurge on more yarn so used what i had in my stash. This yarn crochets up on a 4mm hook so the overall size was small than the blanket in the pattern but i didn’t mind this, it would be super easy to make it bigger if you wished by adding a few more blocks 🙂 

So here are all my bits sat out waiting to be pieced together! Always such an exciting moment i think!



I then laid them all out to try and make sure i didnt end up with too many of one set of colours in one place. I wanted them to look random so just threw them down but then rearranged one or two until i was completely happy 🙂



I joined my motifs together using whip stitch in the back loops only, i tried slip stitching as recommend in the pattern but this method doesn’t seem to agree with me.

After joining i then crocheted the boarder which really added something to the blanket, its nice and simple but really makes the difference!

So here is the finished blanket-


A close up of a couple of the motifs-




And a couple of action shots with my littlest man who took a real liking to the owls!





The back of this blanket is super beautiful, i think if you just crocheted the blanket up minus the owl motif (so just used the basic octagon instead) it would look just as beautiful, maybe as a big bedspread. Here is a quick shot with it folded so you can see the back-



Then i couldn’t resist a slightly odd arty shot, you can tell i’m new to this but i thought it looked pretty laid out next to the wee lemon tree on our balcony with the sun shining down on it 🙂



So i hope you like it 🙂 highly recommend the pattern to anyone who is interest it is worth every penny! Please pop over to Markens page and show so love for her amazing work and say i sent you!

Ciao for now




There is nothing more satisfying than coming to the end of a big project, the moment you step back look at what you made and think “wow, i did that!” However every now and then i feel like i need a bit more of a quick fix if you know what i mean? You feel ace completing those big projects but sometimes you just want something quick for a wee boost!

Since having my boys i have suffered from carpal tunnel quite badly, particularly in my right hand, ive been experimenting with different hooks and holds to ease the pain but sometimes i just have to have a wee rest and take it easy.

I seem to have hit a bit of a wall with the Bavarian blanket (all those shells have taken their toll on my hand lol) so i decided i needed a quick and easy pick me up… and what better than granny squares?

I will admit i had fallen out of love with the basic granny square, it just seemed so old and dated to me so i have been on the hunt for something more modern and fun! I have found a few interesting things which i have added to my ever expanding pinterest list

(which you can find here- http://pinterest.com/wideeyedmummy/crochet-things-i-want-to-try-x/ if you fancy a nosey)

but i particularly fell in love with this ace pattern- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-obsession  Owl Obsession by Marken of The Hat & I, ok so i know its not technically a granny square but yo can work each piece separately for that little boost of satisfaction but at the end you get that big boost for finishing a big project 🙂 win win 🙂

so i started crocheting away and im pleased to say the motifs work up super fast 🙂 its a beautiful pattern too 🙂 this was the result of one afternoons work-Imagevery satisfying 🙂 and the colours are just so pretty!

i will keep you up to date with my progress!

Ciao for now.


Settling in :)

So we have been in italy just over a week now and started to settle in 🙂 me and the boys have been out exploring though in this heat not for too long!

Being in a small apartment without a lot to do has given me the chance to really catch up with my crochet 🙂 its so nice just to sit and chill in the evening when the boys are asleep with my hook and yarn, hubby calls it my crochet therapy and i have to say i agree with him! i always come away from it feeling a sense of pride and peace 🙂

heres what i am woking on at the moment- ImageIts going to turn out huge when im done but i am loving the yarn- its my first foray into using acrylic yarn (i will admit im a yarn snob and usually stick with cotton) but its gorgeously squishy and will be super snuggly. Its an amazing colour pack of style craft yarn from the wonderful Sconch textiles (link here- http://www.sconchtextiles.co.uk/yarn/stylecraft-yarn/stylecraft-special-dk-packs ) please check her out, she is on facebook too and just lovely, fab products and ace service highly recommended to you all!

as if to prove my point i put it down for five minutes and came back to find biggest wide eyed boy had stolen it for a snuggle 🙂

ImageIts a slightly modified bavarian crochet style blanket inspired by the amazing Mad Mad me blanket link here- http://032ad8a.netsolhost.com/madmad/2012/02/04/bavarian-crochet-blanket/ it was one of the first things i pinned to my pinterest board so its nice to finally be able to sit down and have a go! i will post a wee tutorial to how i did it when its done 🙂

Signing off for now to do a bit more crocheting in the sun

ciao for now!