Mermaids and Princesses!

Hello there! 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the build up to the festive season! And for any american readers happy thanks giving!

Just a quick post from me today… The Mermaid Princess topsy turvy doll is finished! Is up on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy!


I hope you like her, she was a lot of fun to design!

I will be back soon as i have finished the 3rd shawl ❤ think its my favourite yet! 

Ciao for now 



Lace Lace & more Lace

Good morning all!

Hope you are all well! Its chilly and grey here brrrrrr and my thoughts have defiantly turned to Christmas! I normally start much earlier in the year to spread my projects out but being in Italy made it hard to get the materials i needed mainly because the post always seemed to go astray!

I tend to work on themes each yeah and this year i decided out of the blue to make shawls…. from lace… which i had never done before! Talk about a challenge! But i found some beautiful patterns and got cracking and have been really enjoying it, helped of course by having some beautiful yarns from some amazing dyers! 

Firstly i had this gorgeous custom colour way in some super fine lace from Devon Sun yarns



Isn’t it gorgeous! this was so soft and fine, it had silk in it so was a little slippery to work with (especially when i had never tried crocheting lace before! I used a beautiful patter called Izumi and this was the result-


Isn’t it lovely! i am so pleased with it and its so delicate i can pull it through my wedding ring! (if you look you can spot my ring in the pictures!)

Next i had a go at using some 4ply to give my hand a break from crocheting lace and used this lovely 4ply yarn from Shamu Makes


I used the Elise pattern which is free (even better!) on Ravelry! Its super easy and very quick to work up. This was the result-



Its lovely and squishy ❤

I have two more shawls to work up, i am over halfway through one and have my fingers tightly crossed i will get them both finished in time. At the moment i have this stunning yarn from Truly hooked on my hook and its working up beautifully! Its supersoft lace and the colours are just stunning!


I am making up a stunning pattern called Ozwin, i had originally planned on doing a different pattern but i couldn’t get into the flow of it so found this stunning pattern. Its really easy to crochet and has a lovely flow, i am flying through it. Here is an in progress piccy-



Aren’t the colours gorgeous? Its like summer in a bowl!

I don’t have a good piccy of my final yarn yet so will just have to share that next time but let me say its from the amazing Cuddlebums and its BEAUTIFUL!

So a quickie from me really but I’m crocheting like a mad woman to make sure i get finished in time!

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Ciao for now!


A big update!


Sorry i have been neglecting the blog, had a few big changes here… Firstly we are back in the UK! Italy just wasn’t working for us so we made the decision to come back 🙂 We are also in the middle of selling our house so are very kindly being allowed to stay with family whilst the sale goes through (as the house was empty after we moved to Italy). So lots of upheaval in our world lol!

The journey back was very eventful the road we were on was shut so we ended up driving up into the Swiss mountains and taking the LONG way round lol 

We stopped for lunch and the boys loved watching the snow out the window! it was very surreal to have driven from 19+ degrees heat to 3ft of snow!



My other piece of big news…. the mad mad me inspired Bavarian blanket is finished! It feels like an epic challenge has come to an end lol! I wanted to get it finished before we came home and even sat finishing the edging in the car on the drive home!


Here it is-


Its massively squishy and sooooo warm, perfect for snuggling under 🙂 I am thinking of writing up a pattern for it but i think i need more hours in the day first!

Another piece of big news was the arrival of my sisters baby! It turns out we have a new nephew! He is just scrummy and we are all very much in love with him 🙂 We managed to add a few more handmade gifts to the pile before we met him including my first go at a crocheted jumper which is adapted from this lovely pattern from Stephanie Mason-


Also the wonderfully talented Natasha from Bubble Boo drew this amazing picture for me and i wrote a poem which she added to the outside. I thought this would be a nice keepsake for the nursery


this is the wee poem i wrote-

Watch me as i grow mum

Oh so big and tall

for soon i’ll get so big

 it’ll seem i dont need you at all.

But i’ll always be your baby 

no matter how big it is i grow

so cuddle me close, have fun & play 

And we’ll hope that time goes slow
What do you think? I am pretty pleased with it 🙂 
Ooooh and i have also finally gotten round to starting a Facebook page to work alongside my blog 🙂 you can find me here would be lovely if you could pop by and say hello! 
So thats all for the updates for now 🙂 I hope to post again soon and not leave it so long lol!
Ciao for now