Wibbley wobbly timey wimey Baby wearing!


Once again i have been a bit lax in updating my blog :/ so much has been going on following a lovely visit from family its hard to know where to start!

I have always been considered a bit hippyish in my approach to motherhood but i like to think of myself as just baby led πŸ™‚ We cloth bum, breast feed and baby wear. Not for any lofty and noble reasons but just because these things work for us πŸ™‚

Babywearing has been a passion of mine ever since the biggest Wide Eyed Dude was born, we started off with a close carrier which was a great way to introduce us to the world of baby wearing! He is the little dude at a day old snuggled in the carrier-



We soon realised the benefits of using a carrier- he was calmer, didn’t cry, it was easy to feed in, no pram to drag around and wait for lifts, and it also left me with two free hands to carry on doing what needed to be done! Win win!

Soon we started to look into other carriers as he rapidly out grew the close carrier and i found it uncomfortable as he got heavier, i soon found a huge community of other parents who babywear and starting exploring the different options! There are wraps, soft structured carriers, full buckles, half buckles, mei tais… the list goes on and on!

We quickly found a preference for half buckles and wraps and experimented with lots of different brands πŸ™‚ when the littlest dude arrived even his big brother decided to get in on the act and started babywearing his dolly πŸ™‚ we found the wrap especially handy in the winter when we got snowed in but luckily we were able to walk to the local shop without too many problems πŸ™‚



Here we are going for a little hike in the mountains to look at some waterfalls πŸ™‚ it would have been impossible to go with the little dude in a pram!


As the boys grew so did my collection of carriers (be warned now babywearing is addictive lol). As you may have figured out by now i am a bit of a nerd and one of the things i am super nerdy about is Dr Who! I had being dying to find a carrier maker who could make me a Dr who themed sling when i stumbled across the lovely Erica at Tangelo Crafts! She helped me realise my vision (and was super lovely and helpful in the process!) It has taken a while for me to lay my hands on it as she is based in New Zealand, it was posted back to the UK (due to my distrust of the italian postal services!) and then our family brought it over when the came to visit! I was positively vibrating with exciting when i finally got to see it in the flesh! (Though i was very good and did take a piccy!)

Here it is!


i tried to take some nice piccys of it laid out but couldn’t do it justice so Erica kindly gave me permission to share her photos-


Isn’t it beautiful? ❀ *sigh* babywearing Β and Dr who loveliness all in one squishy parcel!

Of course we then had to immediately go out for a test run-


It was a huge success! Little dude loved it and so did we though we received several odd looks from the locals!

Also in our huge pile of goodies from home was some more Dr who themed items-


Dr who plus minions! who could resist that? Brought from the awesome Ript apparel! I got one for each of the boys (the littlies and the big one!) and a jumper for me πŸ™‚ it just had to be done!

Well thats it from me for now, lots to do but got lots more to share with you very shortly πŸ˜‰Β 

ciao for now





2 thoughts on “Wibbley wobbly timey wimey Baby wearing!

    • Lol i felt that way as soon as i saw the fabric i NEEDED it lol! i makes me want to have more babies just so i can use it some more lol! x

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