Lots to do and something new!

Hi there!

Been a bit quiet here the last week as Wide Eyed Daddy has been on holiday from work so we have been having lots of fun family time 🙂 

Building epic train tracks-



and chilling at the park-


And little wide eyed boy as grown more confident by the day with his walking and is keeping us all on our toes 🙂



But of course i have managed to squeeze in some crochet 😉

At the moment i am working on several projects at once, i am seriously suffering with my carpal tunnel and find it very difficult to hold a normal hook so i have been using my furls hook as much as possible but i only have it in one size so thats not always possible. I find varying the stitch i’m doing helps as i’m not constantly using the same movements so hence the multiple projects! (if anyone has any hints or tips to help me deal with this i’d love to hear from you 🙂 )

I only have one to show you today but i’m super pleased with them 🙂 little giraffe themed trousers (or pants for my american friends!) 😀 I adapted a basic trouser pattern from Ira Rott (link to her etsy pattern here) Its a brilliant pattern, easy to read and well explained the sizing is also spot on. I love the designs she includes with the pattern and will definitely be making some more in those styles as well as buying some more of her patterns! I then added some spots and a tail and hey presto giraffe pants! 




And back-



What do you think? These are being added to the growing stash of things i am making for my new little niece/nephew, poor thing is going to be swamped with things! i’ve also got a rattle, a basket weave blanket, a hat and a jumper on the go! Hoping to share with you all soon 😉 

On another note something new landed on my door step today which i am super excited about! An Edgit crochet hook!


Been looking for something like this for ages but there is just nothing like it in the UK so took the plunge and ordered one from the States to come here to me in Italy, i already have a project in mind for it just need to find the time to squeeze it in lol! I will pop up a review when i have had a chance to have a real play with it 🙂

Well thats all from me for now 🙂 the big dude wants to play trains again (no surprises there!) so ciao for now!




One thought on “Lots to do and something new!

  1. Aw I love the crochet trousers. That tail is super cute! Ive never heard of an Edgit hook before so I shall be googling that shortly as I would love a hook that can make it easy to do edging.
    As to the problem with your hooks. Find a ball point pen that is comfy to use. Take the nib/cartridge bit out and pop your hook in to make a comfy grip. Failing that, elastic bands wrapped many times round the hook does the same thing. 🙂 Hope this helps!

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