Stripy Crochet Cuddles!


Well i was so inspired after my late blog post i jumped right into a new project 🙂 (is there anything more exciting than that new project buzz?)

I decided to go make I love buttons giraffe pattern which can be found here- 

Its a nice simple pattern, good for beginners However there are a few mistakes within the pattern but an experienced crocheter will pick them up with ease, or a quick scroll through the comments section will highlight any major issues 🙂 I think she has done a really good job considering its her first pattern!

The only alteration to the pattern i made was to try out Planet Junes perfect stripes techniques (the invisible join & no cut join) they can both be found on her awesome blog here-  i used a hybrid of both techniques as i didn’t want to cut the yarn every round as there were two rows of each colour. They are a bit fiddly to start with but well worth the effort and soon i was doing it without even thinking!

Heres a quick piccy of how my stripes came out-


See what i mean? Its so nice to have level stripes rather than the staggered rows you normally get working in the round.

The colours i used aren’t exactly the same as recommended in the pattern as i just used what i had. I made him up using style craft special DK (brought from the lovely Sconch textiles– please check her out, fab service and lots of amazing products!) so he came out slightly bigger than the one in the pattern but i like that, just more to cuddle 😉

So here he is-


And a shot of him soaking up some italian sun-


What do you think? I am super pleased with him!

I have now started up a Pinterest board just for giraffe inspired things and i am going to make as many for my sister as i can! So please spam me with patterns you have found as i would love to see them 🙂

In other news little wide eyed dude has started walking! He is definitely going to keep us on our toes now, and maybe give his brother a run for his money in the mischief stakes 🙂

He is our little guys toddling round-


And on that i’ll sign off as i need to go chase him!

Ciao for now



9 thoughts on “Stripy Crochet Cuddles!

  1. Hi, your giraffe looks very nice and quite similar to mine :D, but i must admit your choice to use this planet june clean stripes technique was very good idea. My decision crochet it in spiral was not a good choice, but now i have the link and I will use this technique next time 🙂
    Greetings from Estonia!

    • Yes defiantly! The pattern is very simple, especially if you don’t use the plant June technique, however I really recommend it as it makes a huge difference to the finish in my opinion 🙂 give it a go! It’s a good stash buster to use small scraps of yarn 🙂 x

  2. He looks great, love seeing how he turns out, I might try the invisible join next.I am having another niece /nephew soon so will have to make another one.Thanks for linking back x

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