Owl Obsession Crochet Blanket

Hi! Well i can’t believe just how quick this blanket worked up, i have finished! Was lovely to sit and work the motifs and dip in and out of when I felt up to it.

The pattern is by Marken of the Hat & I and can be found here- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-obsession It is a truly lovely pattern, very unusual but a real pleasure to crochet. I would say its a pattern suitable for intermediate crocheters as bits of it are a bit tricky, there are lots of lovely pictures which really help if your a bit stuck but i say its a tad beyond a beginner unless you are extremely determined!

The only think i did differently from the pattern was not continually fastening off my yarn and starting again for the partial octagons, i did a couple like this but i hate sewing in ends and this method gives you a lot of extra bits to sew in! So i just flipped the work over and followed the instructions for the next row but did them in the front loops rather than the back loops, it gives the same affect but less work for me!

I used one ball of Ice variegated rainbow yarn for the coloured section and two balls of style craft special DK for the white. Both really nice acrylic yarns (i’m slowly over coming my aversion to using acrylic) The colour changes in the Ice yarn aren’t as bright as the chroma recommended in the pattern but i couldn’t really afford to splurge on more yarn so used what i had in my stash. This yarn crochets up on a 4mm hook so the overall size was small than the blanket in the pattern but i didn’t mind this, it would be super easy to make it bigger if you wished by adding a few more blocks 🙂 

So here are all my bits sat out waiting to be pieced together! Always such an exciting moment i think!



I then laid them all out to try and make sure i didnt end up with too many of one set of colours in one place. I wanted them to look random so just threw them down but then rearranged one or two until i was completely happy 🙂



I joined my motifs together using whip stitch in the back loops only, i tried slip stitching as recommend in the pattern but this method doesn’t seem to agree with me.

After joining i then crocheted the boarder which really added something to the blanket, its nice and simple but really makes the difference!

So here is the finished blanket-


A close up of a couple of the motifs-




And a couple of action shots with my littlest man who took a real liking to the owls!





The back of this blanket is super beautiful, i think if you just crocheted the blanket up minus the owl motif (so just used the basic octagon instead) it would look just as beautiful, maybe as a big bedspread. Here is a quick shot with it folded so you can see the back-



Then i couldn’t resist a slightly odd arty shot, you can tell i’m new to this but i thought it looked pretty laid out next to the wee lemon tree on our balcony with the sun shining down on it 🙂



So i hope you like it 🙂 highly recommend the pattern to anyone who is interest it is worth every penny! Please pop over to Markens page and show so love for her amazing work and say i sent you!

Ciao for now




4 thoughts on “Owl Obsession Crochet Blanket

  1. Hey there! I love this pattern and have been holding on to it for nearly 12 months now waiting to find the right yarn… I had a look at the ice yarn you mentioned, can you tell me the name of the colour you used? There are so many. Thanks Sarah

    • Hi! It is a beautiful pattern isn’t it? its the Magic Light Yellow Purple Pink Green Blue I got mine from Ebay 🙂 one Ball will make all the motifs required for the pattern but it will come up smaller as its hooked on a 4mm hook rather than the bigger hook requested in the pattern. I brought two balls so i could make it bigger if i wanted but i actually like it this size 🙂 Good luck making it! Would love to see it when your done! 🙂 x

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