There is nothing more satisfying than coming to the end of a big project, the moment you step back look at what you made and think “wow, i did that!” However every now and then i feel like i need a bit more of a quick fix if you know what i mean? You feel ace completing those big projects but sometimes you just want something quick for a wee boost!

Since having my boys i have suffered from carpal tunnel quite badly, particularly in my right hand, ive been experimenting with different hooks and holds to ease the pain but sometimes i just have to have a wee rest and take it easy.

I seem to have hit a bit of a wall with the Bavarian blanket (all those shells have taken their toll on my hand lol) so i decided i needed a quick and easy pick me up… and what better than granny squares?

I will admit i had fallen out of love with the basic granny square, it just seemed so old and dated to me so i have been on the hunt for something more modern and fun! I have found a few interesting things which i have added to my ever expanding pinterest list

(which you can find here- if you fancy a nosey)

but i particularly fell in love with this ace pattern-  Owl Obsession by Marken of The Hat & I, ok so i know its not technically a granny square but yo can work each piece separately for that little boost of satisfaction but at the end you get that big boost for finishing a big project 🙂 win win 🙂

so i started crocheting away and im pleased to say the motifs work up super fast 🙂 its a beautiful pattern too 🙂 this was the result of one afternoons work-Imagevery satisfying 🙂 and the colours are just so pretty!

i will keep you up to date with my progress!

Ciao for now.



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