Mermaids and Princesses!

Hello there! 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the build up to the festive season! And for any american readers happy thanks giving!

Just a quick post from me today… The Mermaid Princess topsy turvy doll is finished! Is up on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy!


I hope you like her, she was a lot of fun to design!

I will be back soon as i have finished the 3rd shawl <3 think its my favourite yet! 

Ciao for now 


Lace Lace & more Lace

Good morning all!

Hope you are all well! Its chilly and grey here brrrrrr and my thoughts have defiantly turned to Christmas! I normally start much earlier in the year to spread my projects out but being in Italy made it hard to get the materials i needed mainly because the post always seemed to go astray!

I tend to work on themes each yeah and this year i decided out of the blue to make shawls…. from lace… which i had never done before! Talk about a challenge! But i found some beautiful patterns and got cracking and have been really enjoying it, helped of course by having some beautiful yarns from some amazing dyers! 

Firstly i had this gorgeous custom colour way in some super fine lace from Devon Sun yarns



Isn’t it gorgeous! this was so soft and fine, it had silk in it so was a little slippery to work with (especially when i had never tried crocheting lace before! I used a beautiful patter called Izumi and this was the result-


Isn’t it lovely! i am so pleased with it and its so delicate i can pull it through my wedding ring! (if you look you can spot my ring in the pictures!)

Next i had a go at using some 4ply to give my hand a break from crocheting lace and used this lovely 4ply yarn from Shamu Makes


I used the Elise pattern which is free (even better!) on Ravelry! Its super easy and very quick to work up. This was the result-



Its lovely and squishy <3

I have two more shawls to work up, i am over halfway through one and have my fingers tightly crossed i will get them both finished in time. At the moment i have this stunning yarn from Truly hooked on my hook and its working up beautifully! Its supersoft lace and the colours are just stunning!


I am making up a stunning pattern called Ozwin, i had originally planned on doing a different pattern but i couldn’t get into the flow of it so found this stunning pattern. Its really easy to crochet and has a lovely flow, i am flying through it. Here is an in progress piccy-



Aren’t the colours gorgeous? Its like summer in a bowl!

I don’t have a good piccy of my final yarn yet so will just have to share that next time but let me say its from the amazing Cuddlebums and its BEAUTIFUL!

So a quickie from me really but I’m crocheting like a mad woman to make sure i get finished in time!

Don’t forgot to pop over and say hi on my new Facebook page- My Wide Eyed World!

Ciao for now!


A big update!


Sorry i have been neglecting the blog, had a few big changes here… Firstly we are back in the UK! Italy just wasn’t working for us so we made the decision to come back :) We are also in the middle of selling our house so are very kindly being allowed to stay with family whilst the sale goes through (as the house was empty after we moved to Italy). So lots of upheaval in our world lol!

The journey back was very eventful the road we were on was shut so we ended up driving up into the Swiss mountains and taking the LONG way round lol 

We stopped for lunch and the boys loved watching the snow out the window! it was very surreal to have driven from 19+ degrees heat to 3ft of snow!



My other piece of big news…. the mad mad me inspired Bavarian blanket is finished! It feels like an epic challenge has come to an end lol! I wanted to get it finished before we came home and even sat finishing the edging in the car on the drive home!


Here it is-


Its massively squishy and sooooo warm, perfect for snuggling under :) I am thinking of writing up a pattern for it but i think i need more hours in the day first!

Another piece of big news was the arrival of my sisters baby! It turns out we have a new nephew! He is just scrummy and we are all very much in love with him :) We managed to add a few more handmade gifts to the pile before we met him including my first go at a crocheted jumper which is adapted from this lovely pattern from Stephanie Mason-


Also the wonderfully talented Natasha from Bubble Boo drew this amazing picture for me and i wrote a poem which she added to the outside. I thought this would be a nice keepsake for the nursery


this is the wee poem i wrote-

Watch me as i grow mum

Oh so big and tall

for soon i’ll get so big

 it’ll seem i dont need you at all.

But i’ll always be your baby 

no matter how big it is i grow

so cuddle me close, have fun & play 

And we’ll hope that time goes slow
What do you think? I am pretty pleased with it :) 
Ooooh and i have also finally gotten round to starting a Facebook page to work alongside my blog :) you can find me here would be lovely if you could pop by and say hello! 
So thats all for the updates for now :) I hope to post again soon and not leave it so long lol!
Ciao for now

You turn me upside down!


Just a quickie from me today to let you all know my first topsy turvy doll pattern is now live on-



& Craftsy

I am super please with how she has turned out and with the help of two lovely testers (thanks Anna & Lily!) she is all ready to go :) here are a few piccys for you-






Three dollies in one! :) 

I am currently finishing up a simple blanket pattern and working on a review of some different hooks :) i wanted to give them a fair trial so have been using them for a few weeks to get a good feel for them! Hopefully that will be what i blog about next time!

So short and sweet from me today but i hope you like it :)

Ciao for now!


Wibbley wobbly timey wimey Baby wearing!


Once again i have been a bit lax in updating my blog :/ so much has been going on following a lovely visit from family its hard to know where to start!

I have always been considered a bit hippyish in my approach to motherhood but i like to think of myself as just baby led :) We cloth bum, breast feed and baby wear. Not for any lofty and noble reasons but just because these things work for us :)

Babywearing has been a passion of mine ever since the biggest Wide Eyed Dude was born, we started off with a close carrier which was a great way to introduce us to the world of baby wearing! He is the little dude at a day old snuggled in the carrier-



We soon realised the benefits of using a carrier- he was calmer, didn’t cry, it was easy to feed in, no pram to drag around and wait for lifts, and it also left me with two free hands to carry on doing what needed to be done! Win win!

Soon we started to look into other carriers as he rapidly out grew the close carrier and i found it uncomfortable as he got heavier, i soon found a huge community of other parents who babywear and starting exploring the different options! There are wraps, soft structured carriers, full buckles, half buckles, mei tais… the list goes on and on!

We quickly found a preference for half buckles and wraps and experimented with lots of different brands :) when the littlest dude arrived even his big brother decided to get in on the act and started babywearing his dolly :) we found the wrap especially handy in the winter when we got snowed in but luckily we were able to walk to the local shop without too many problems :)



Here we are going for a little hike in the mountains to look at some waterfalls :) it would have been impossible to go with the little dude in a pram!


As the boys grew so did my collection of carriers (be warned now babywearing is addictive lol). As you may have figured out by now i am a bit of a nerd and one of the things i am super nerdy about is Dr Who! I had being dying to find a carrier maker who could make me a Dr who themed sling when i stumbled across the lovely Erica at Tangelo Crafts! She helped me realise my vision (and was super lovely and helpful in the process!) It has taken a while for me to lay my hands on it as she is based in New Zealand, it was posted back to the UK (due to my distrust of the italian postal services!) and then our family brought it over when the came to visit! I was positively vibrating with exciting when i finally got to see it in the flesh! (Though i was very good and did take a piccy!)

Here it is!


i tried to take some nice piccys of it laid out but couldn’t do it justice so Erica kindly gave me permission to share her photos-


Isn’t it beautiful? <3 *sigh* babywearing  and Dr who loveliness all in one squishy parcel!

Of course we then had to immediately go out for a test run-


It was a huge success! Little dude loved it and so did we though we received several odd looks from the locals!

Also in our huge pile of goodies from home was some more Dr who themed items-


Dr who plus minions! who could resist that? Brought from the awesome Ript apparel! I got one for each of the boys (the littlies and the big one!) and a jumper for me :) it just had to be done!

Well thats it from me for now, lots to do but got lots more to share with you very shortly ;) 

ciao for now




New Crochet Ballerina Pattern!

Well i have been a busy beaver this week :)

In an effort to be gentle on my hands this weekend i decided to play around with designing again! It’s been a while (over a year!) since my first attempt but it was like riding a bike and i soon got back into the swing of things!

I have been wanting to do a more girlie pattern for a while as i tend to look over girlie things with the two wide eyed dudes about lol!

So i sketched out a wee dolly, i was undecided at first as to whether she was going to be a ballerina or a fairy but as the design evolved a ballerina appeared!

And here she is-


Don’t you think she’s pretty? <3 She is available for download from Ravelry and Etsy :)

The pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner, some bits are a little fiddley but i am always here to help :)

I would love to see piccys if anyone decides to make her :) 

i think she would look lovely as a fairy too, you could easily make some wings and attach them. How cute would these wings by Nero Post and Patch look?

Thats it from me today :) We have a busy day ahead as we have family coming to visit :) off to the airport soon and the boys have no idea! 

Ciao for now!


Bavarian update and a bit about me.

Well hello!

Bit of a gap between my posts sorry about that, the littlest dude is having a growth spurt and making sure we all know about it! ;) plus my carpal tunnel is seriously playing up making even typing hard so i’ve been resting up a bit :)

So whats new in My Wide Eyed World? Well i have been forward planning a couple of new projects including this, isn’t it stunning? Unfortunately i can’t get the yarn requested in the pattern but after having a chat with the lovely Truly Hooked i have ordered some lovely custom died yarn to make it with! And rather than go with the crowd i have decided to go for some sea colour tones <3 so watch this space for updates!

I have also been beavering away at the Mad Mad Me inspired Bavarian Rainbow blanket. Here is a little progress piccy for you-


It’s getting quite enormous now and lovely and snuggly, can really picture snuggling up under it in the winter when its done!

Another reason i have been pushing to get this finished (apart from the fact that my WIP pile seems to be ever increasing!) is that i won some gorgeous Rainbow yarn from the lovely Cuddlebums! She makes some stunning yarns and i am thrilled to have one winging its way to me!

Here is the beautiful skein i won! Can’t believe this beauty is mine :)


I have decided i am going to use it to edge the Bavarian blanket, i had been thinking of edging it in white but this will look much better :) a proper rainbowy way to end such a huge rainbowy project lol.

I have also been working on my own patterns i actually have one written here (its also available on Ravelry for those who aren’t fans of Etsy) which i made last year :)


i have been working on a sister for my elf, a little ballerina or fairy (i can’t decide yet) and also some topsy turvy dolls. A recent post on facebook made me feel so nostalgic i couldn’t resist having a go making up a pattern! so again please watch this space for updates :)

So i promised an Edgit review… i have to say so far its not going well :( i am massively disappointed with it, it didnt work at all for the project i had in mind when i brought it so at the moment it is sitting on my desk gathering dust. I am going to give it a second try and see what happens but i am really not feeling the love with it right now :(

My big dude has started showing an interest in crochet and after turning my back on him for a few minutes i came back to find him doing this-


He had pulled out a ball of yarn, popped it in the yarn bowl, grabbed a hook and started crocheting! “It’s a teddy for me” I was told when i asked what he was doing bless him! <3

This week i thought i should share a picture of me… here you go-


Hahaha i said a piccy not a photo :p this awesome drawing was done by the amazingly talented Eric from Red Ink Saga who is the brother of a lovely friend who runs Sugar-Coated Chaos. i seriously recommend you check these guys out :) they are both lovely, mega talented people! Sugar-Coated Chaos has some amazing geek inspire designs. I especially love the tardis and chewbaccas! Piccy

Eric also drew this picture of my crocheting ninja alter ego-


Isn’t it ace? :D Please pop over and show them some love (and say i sent you ;) )

And on that note i will leave you for today!

Ciao for now!


Lots to do and something new!

Hi there!

Been a bit quiet here the last week as Wide Eyed Daddy has been on holiday from work so we have been having lots of fun family time :) 

Building epic train tracks-



and chilling at the park-


And little wide eyed boy as grown more confident by the day with his walking and is keeping us all on our toes :)



But of course i have managed to squeeze in some crochet ;)

At the moment i am working on several projects at once, i am seriously suffering with my carpal tunnel and find it very difficult to hold a normal hook so i have been using my furls hook as much as possible but i only have it in one size so thats not always possible. I find varying the stitch i’m doing helps as i’m not constantly using the same movements so hence the multiple projects! (if anyone has any hints or tips to help me deal with this i’d love to hear from you :) )

I only have one to show you today but i’m super pleased with them :) little giraffe themed trousers (or pants for my american friends!) :D I adapted a basic trouser pattern from Ira Rott (link to her etsy pattern here) Its a brilliant pattern, easy to read and well explained the sizing is also spot on. I love the designs she includes with the pattern and will definitely be making some more in those styles as well as buying some more of her patterns! I then added some spots and a tail and hey presto giraffe pants! 




And back-



What do you think? These are being added to the growing stash of things i am making for my new little niece/nephew, poor thing is going to be swamped with things! i’ve also got a rattle, a basket weave blanket, a hat and a jumper on the go! Hoping to share with you all soon ;) 

On another note something new landed on my door step today which i am super excited about! An Edgit crochet hook!


Been looking for something like this for ages but there is just nothing like it in the UK so took the plunge and ordered one from the States to come here to me in Italy, i already have a project in mind for it just need to find the time to squeeze it in lol! I will pop up a review when i have had a chance to have a real play with it :)

Well thats all from me for now :) the big dude wants to play trains again (no surprises there!) so ciao for now!



Stripy Crochet Cuddles!


Well i was so inspired after my late blog post i jumped right into a new project :) (is there anything more exciting than that new project buzz?)

I decided to go make I love buttons giraffe pattern which can be found here- 

Its a nice simple pattern, good for beginners However there are a few mistakes within the pattern but an experienced crocheter will pick them up with ease, or a quick scroll through the comments section will highlight any major issues :) I think she has done a really good job considering its her first pattern!

The only alteration to the pattern i made was to try out Planet Junes perfect stripes techniques (the invisible join & no cut join) they can both be found on her awesome blog here-  i used a hybrid of both techniques as i didn’t want to cut the yarn every round as there were two rows of each colour. They are a bit fiddly to start with but well worth the effort and soon i was doing it without even thinking!

Heres a quick piccy of how my stripes came out-


See what i mean? Its so nice to have level stripes rather than the staggered rows you normally get working in the round.

The colours i used aren’t exactly the same as recommended in the pattern as i just used what i had. I made him up using style craft special DK (brought from the lovely Sconch textiles– please check her out, fab service and lots of amazing products!) so he came out slightly bigger than the one in the pattern but i like that, just more to cuddle ;)

So here he is-


And a shot of him soaking up some italian sun-


What do you think? I am super pleased with him!

I have now started up a Pinterest board just for giraffe inspired things and i am going to make as many for my sister as i can! So please spam me with patterns you have found as i would love to see them :)

In other news little wide eyed dude has started walking! He is definitely going to keep us on our toes now, and maybe give his brother a run for his money in the mischief stakes :)

He is our little guys toddling round-


And on that i’ll sign off as i need to go chase him!

Ciao for now


New baby gifts and an attempt at designing!

Hello! Sorry for the long gap between posts, I am such a newbie to the world of blogging i worry i am waffling to much and can never decide what to write about next lol!

This week i have been scratching my brain trying to decide what to make for my sisters baby who is due in October. I am very excited to be an auntie again and since having the big wide eyed boy was what inspired me to get crafting i always like to make an effort to make something for the new arrival.

She doesn’t know what she is having so i’ve been having a fun time trying to keep things gender neutral though i admit i love the surprise and all the fun of trying to guess the gender (though i’m sure she is fed up of it by now lol)

I made her this little pram blanket as she is mad on giraffes :) its my own design inspired by a picture i had seen online. I appliquéd the giraffes on and backed it with a giraffe print plush.


I was chuffed with how it turned out :)

However in the last few weeks i have been itching to make something else… I am slightly more limited out here as my trusty sewing machine is still back in the UK and i only have a small amount of yarn with me (well small in terms of the overall size of my stash! *shhh don’t tell wide eyed daddy*)

So it has to be crochet… i found a couple of really lovely patterns online.

Firstly this super cute giraffe toy by I Love Buttons by Emma- The only trouble is i have no toy stuffing :/ hmmm anyone know a good craft store in italy? ;)

Also saw this crochet stacker toy which is just adorable by Handmade by Kitty- Its like three gifts in one- a stacking toy, a cuddly toy and a teething toy! And although i know its not technically giraffe related i adore these cute dolls also by handmade by kitty- i’m seriously tempted to buy both patterns even with my lack of toy stuffing lol!

This is another adorable giraffe by ZiezoDutchDesign-

Moving away from Giraffes i also loved these patterns too-

This is from a non english blog (i think its called Knitted style- apologies if i have that wrong!) this little guy is just adorable!

Then what kid doesn’t want a minion??? This pattern by Wolf Dreamer if fab and free too!

I also love this pattern by Heidi Bears, the pattern and colours are just stunning! There is a bear version too which i just adore!- i wish i could find a giraffe version!

Has anyone seen any other nice patterns? I would love you to share them with me! As you can see my Pinterest board is rather mega lol, one day i WILL make them all… At least thats how i justify my yarn stash to WID ;)

This week i also tried my hand at designing. I saw the most beautiful yarn at Devon Sun yarns, she makes some stunning yarns! I don’t own any YET but i will ;) this one in particular i could just see as a field of flowers- So i decided to have a go at writing my own pattern :)

this is what i have so far (please excuse the picture, i was using some very bright yarn for my trials which proved very difficult to photograph!


What do you think? It’s a work in progress but i’m quite pleased.

Well thats it from me for now :) look forward to chatting soon.

Ciao for now!